Is Your Business Prepared For The End Of The World?

Some people predict the end of the world. The collapse of society. The end of life as we know it. Some people believe it. Completely. Then, other people come along and find ways to profit off of those people. Buy this. Buy that. Build this. Store up on that. Once enough people believe the premise, [...]

7 Simple Ways To Use Social Media To Achieve Greatness

As I explained yesterday, social media is not a shortcut to greatness. It is, however, a tool. A tool to help you build something great. Art. A business. A brand. Here are just a few ways using social media can help you build something great: Get Customer Feedback Follow customers and fans. Listen to public [...]

How Much Time Are Your Competitors Spending On Social Media?

If your business is like the small businesses in a recent Vertical Response survey, you’re spending too much time on social media. 43% of respondents spend 6 or more hours each week, while 25% spend 6 to 10. Get this, 11% spend more than 11 hours. I’m not sure how many hours you work per [...]

Why You Really Don’t Need Social Media

You really don’t need social media. Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter. Pinterest. Google+. Your business isn’t worth talking about. Your message isn’t clear. You don’t know why you’re using social media. You don’t know if it’s working. Your potential customers aren’t using social media. You don’t have a decent website, blog, or email marketing system in place. [...]

Is Your Social Media Promotion Discouraging Participation?

Submit a Photo, Win a New iPad That’s the title. Sounded interesting. I continued reading. The email was from an alumni group at one of the schools I attended. They wanted me to submit some interesting photos of me having a good time, or being silly/crazy/funny/happy/emotional/amazing while on campus. For a second I thought, sure, [...]

Starbucks Sells Ice Cream?

I recently saw a post on Twitter spreading the news about a new promotion Starbucks was doing through Facebook. Apparently they’re launching a new product line of coffee flavored ice cream, and this was their big viral marketing effort. They gave away 800 coupons for free pints of ice cream per hour until they gave [...]