What If The Church Took Care Of The Sick?

There are over 111 million households in the United States, earning an average of $50,000 per year. Approximately 75% of Americans consider themselves Christians. I doubt that 75% of households are Christian, so let’s cut that down to 50% for arguments sake. 50% of 111 million equals 55.5 million Christian households. If the average Christian [...]

Rental Cars: How To Get a Better Deal

I previously posted about car insurance and making sure you have rental car coverage on your policy. However, if you are in an accident and don’t have that coverage, you can still get a good rate on a rental car. Most major rental companies, like Enterprise Rent-A-Car, have deals with insurance companies so that even [...]

Life Comes At You Fast

Life comes at you fast. . . so do deer. Unfortunately, a small buck ran out in front of us tonight. ¬†We were in the south-bound middle lane of a six-lane highway, on our way to meet a former colleague of Tracy’s for dinner. The deer darted out of the woods, made it across all [...]