Update: Changes to TheMooringBrief (March 2014)

TheMooringBrief.com is changing. Or rather, it has changed.

It started off as a general blog. Somewhat personal. Thoughts and ideas on life, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

There wasn’t a plan. It was a means of getting some ideas “out there”.

As I got more into marketing, the posts followed suit.

But now I have a plan.

I’m in the process of launching a new small business marketing blog and website: supersimpl.com

All of my marketing posts have already been moved and any related links are being redirected.

TheMooringBrief.com will remain dormant for a while, but will ultimately be revived at some future date that is yet to be determined.

Thanks for stopping by!

If you’re looking for marketing tips and tools, head on over to SuperSimpl.com

How To Sell Your Services Like Apple Sells iPhones

The first generation iPhone was awful.

Ok, it wasn’t awful. It was pretty amazing.

Just not as amazing as the current iPhone.

I owned the first gen iPhone. No copy and paste. No landscape view. No real GPS. No lots of things.

Could they have made it better? Yes. Could they have put more features into the first one? Yes.

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You Don’t Need More Customers To Make More Money

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I’ll Be Right Back. In The Meantime, Watch This

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Stop Selling Your Services Like A Build Your Own Burger Menu

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